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PDF to DWG Converter

The PDF file format is one of the most popular exchange formats especially when you prepare files for printing. But it is quite difficult to edit these files. ABViewer allows converting PDF to vector DWG or DXF file formats for its further editing. Please note that PDF files can contain both vector and raster graphics. As a result of conversion in ABViewer raster images are converted as images embedded in DWG that are saved as OLE-objects. In other words, vectorization of raster images is not supported.

Tools to convert PDF to DWG in ABViewer:

1.The Import PDF/EMF command opens the PDF file in the program having already converted it. With the help of the Save command the converted file can be saved to DWG or DXF.

2.The Page to CAD command allows converting the current layout of the opened PDF file into the vector DWG or DXF format.

3.The PDF to DWG command converts PDF files to DWG or DXF without opening the conversion result in the program window.


How to convert PDF to DWG in ABViewer?

To convert PDF to DWG do the following:

1.Run ABViewer.

2.On the File tab select the PDF to DWG command.



3. In the Converting window next to the Enter the path to the PDF file field click Browse and select the PDF file for conversion.

4. In the Converting window next to the Enter the path to the output file click Browse. In the standard Open dialog box specify the folder for saving, enter the output file name and select the format for saving.

5. In the Converting window click OK. The conversion process may take time in the range from several seconds to several minutes depending on the size of the original PDF file and the number of pages.

6. To view the conversion result or edit it, in ABViewer on the File tab select the Open command and specify the path to the converted file.

You can also use our free online PDF to DWG Converter. The converted DWG file is sent to the stated email address.

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