Evgeny Zubkov, Ukraine

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Evgeny Zubkov, Ukraine

<p>At our university we use the software product AutoCad to teach students how to make drawings. Since AutoCad isn't installed on every computer, but it is too often necessary to view or print drawings both in the usual way and remotely from one computer lab where there is no printer of an appropriate size (for example). So it was decided to create a software product for viewing and printing DWG files.</p>

<p>Web CAD SDK is a valuable tool and platform for development of a needed software product at our Department. As a result we've developed a software application, which is run on the server at its start and works in a standby mode until a user activates it. Now students and professors of our Department can view design-and-engineering documentation in the web-browser, save it as .png graphic file format and print it without any cumbersome software applications.</p>

<p>This product was developed as an application to the master's thesis. Thank you so much for your support and for grantinga license to our university.</p>

<p class="name">Luhansk Taras Shevchenko National University, Evgeny Zubkov, Master's Degree Student<br>Ukraine</p>