ABViewer. Recensioni dei clienti

ABViewer. Recensioni dei clienti

Roel Hessels, Netherlands

I think it is a fantastic tool.

Roel Hessels,
ZIP-PAK®, A Division of ITW

Angela Rodil, Australia

Im a second year architecture student from Australia and am only just beginning to use AutoCad... The past week has been an intense time for me, trying to learn how to use autocad and all its awesome capabilities, AND trying to finish these design projects on time..all has been going well until I just hit one stumbling block: PRINTING!!! no, actually, "PLOTTING" in Autocad terms..hehe.. I've been sitting here for about 3 HOURS trying to plot a huge floor plan onto "tiled pages" so that the floor plan is tiled on A3 format for my printer. WELL i tried volo express view.. and everything the manual said, i tried other autocad viewers until finally, i did a search on the internet in hope to find the best way to print onto a tiled format - onto A3 sheets... and ALONG CAME U GUYS!! i thought i was dooomed to fail if i didnt print this out, but now, maybe i wont hehe.. i am using the trial version.. i still have 30 days.. and from the second i used it: BAMMM! ABVIEWER printed my floor plan in SCALE and straight from my autocad .dwg file.. and in tiled pages onto a3 format!!! I LOVE U GUYS!! hehe.. thanks so much!! thanks so much u guys, u made me a happy person tonight and probably my school years hehe...

Angela Rodil,