ABViewer. Recensioni dei clienti

ABViewer. Recensioni dei clienti

Rachel Stone, USA

We have not had any problems with ABViewer and we use it everyday. We love how easy the program is to use and to share documents with.

Rachel Stone, True Position, Inc.,

Alan Dika, USA

The product works well. I think it is a great tool.

Alan Dika, Woodpecker Industries,

André Assumpção, Brazil

Is everything ok! The software fits perfect!

André Assumpção,
Equilibrata Recuperação de Estruturas Ltda.,

Dr Hermann Tischer, Germany

ABViewer installation allowed me to view HPGL files of old architectural drawings again as well as to print them with the correct scale. Before it I had searched for such a tool without result for a long time. The test version of your program let me stop searching any further. Now I see no other application apart from yours that I can show to my children.

Dr. Hermann Tischer,

Gary Schulberger, USA

We use ABViewer to enable review & printing of .cgm format files (part drawing blueprints) that a couple of our customers, supply to us. ABViewer has performed flawlessly for this process, enabling us to assist our customers quickly.

Gary Schulberger,

ABViewer review by Al Dika, USA

I've been using ABViewer for a few months now. It's an incredible tool. I work mostly in Mechanical desktop 5.0. I have been able to export drawing views into model space, then open them in ABViewer and turn them into PDF files so I can share them with customers and suppliers.
It's simple, It's great.

Al Dika,
Woodpecker Industries,
Harbor Springs, Michigan