Data Display

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Data Display

This chapter includes information on the ways of presentation and viewing drawings in ABViewer, their positioning in the window of the program, setting the color scheme and the choice of the display modes of a 3D model of the drawing:


Full screen

Allows to view the drawing in full screen. In this mode it is allowed to change the color of the background, the view of the drawing, to switch between the files in the directory and between the sheets.

External CAD viewer (Run AutoCAD)

Opens the current drawing in AutoCAD or DWGTrueView from the program window.

Switching between the opened files

Contains commands for a fast switching between the opened files and their arrangement in the program window.

Viewing Parameters

Sets the display of the image in the program window: changing the color scheme, hiding dimensions, texts and lineweights in the drawing

Positioning of the drawing

Scaling, rotation and 3D viewing.

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