Work with Blocks

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Work with Blocks

A block is a set of objects which can belong to different layers and have different properties. A block can have linked with it text data which are added as attribute definitions. Using blocks makes the process of creation and edition of identical elements of the drawing easier.


The notion of a block

The topic gives the main information about blocks and their usage in the drawing. A block is a set of elements which is interpreted as a single object.

Creating a block

The topic gives instructions on the process of creating a block definition with a user name in the dialog box Create block. The activation of the dialog box and work with it is described in the chapter.

Pasting a block

The topic describes the procedure of pasting a block reference. The dialog box  Paste block displays the whole list of the block definitions of the current file and allows to add them to the drawing.

Block Editor

The topic gives information on the usage of the mode in which a redefinition of blocks is performed. It is possible to edit elements which are parts of a block independently from each other.

Editing blocks

The topic dwells upon editing an existing block: changing its size, explosion, editing the properties.

Pasting as a block

The topic explains how to paste several elements from the clipboard as a block entity.

Block attributes

The chapter includes information on creating and editing attribute definitions.


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