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The Scale button allows to change the size of the selected entity or entities proportionally.

Quick Access Panel:

Ribbon: Editor -> Instruments -> Scale

Menu: Tools -> Modify -> Scale



Absolute Scale

Select an entity and press the Scale button.


make a drawing of two entities:

select the rectangle:

press the Scale button;

snap to the left bottom rectangle corner (to set a base point for scaling):

move the mouse cursor in any direction, you will see a rectangle showing the scale factor which will appear in the right part of the status bar:

type in 2 and press Enter:

Note: selected entity(ies) are copied if Fast Entities Input mode is on:




Relative Scale

Dimension lines enable the user to fit the drawing to the required scale quickly.

For example there is a converted file with dimensions in it:

1. Select all the entities and press the arrow of the Scale button .

2. Select the Relative scale option:

3. Click the left bottom corner of the entities:



4. Move the mouse cursor to the right bottom corner and click it:


5. Type 400 in the automatically selected Length field:


6. Press Enter and the size of the entities will be changed proportionally.

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