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The Fillet button connects two separate line segments with an arc.

Quick Access Panel:

Ribbon: Editor -> Instruments -> Fillet

Menu: Tools -> Modify -> Fillet


If the segments intersect - superfluous parts are automatically cut off after the use of this tool. If the line segments do not intersect, the segments can be extended.

Select the first segment and press the Fillet button. Select the second segment.

Example 1: intersecting lines

before: after:

Example 2: non intersecting lines

before: after:

Note: the arc's radius is available for changing:

select the first line segment

press the Fillet button;

place the mouse cursor over the drawing field; the field in the dynamic input shows the radius of the fillet arc (physically this is  the distance from the intersection point to the sections' cut off points);

delete the current value using Backspace key and set the new one;

press Enter key;

select the second segment.

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