Supported Raster and Vector Images

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Supported Raster and Vector Images

ABViewer supports following raster images:

Arts & Letters thumbnail images: GED

Autodesk images: CEL, PIC

Bitmaps: BMP, RLE, DIB

CALS Raster: CAL

Compuserve GIF: GIF

Dr. Halo images: CUT, PAL

GFI fax images: FAX

Icons: ICO

JPEG images: JPG, JPEG

Kodak Photo-CD images: PCD

Paintshop Pro images: PSP

Photoshop images; PSD, PDD

Portable network graphic images: PNG

Portable pixel/gray map images: PPM, PGM, PBM

SGI images: BW, RGB, RGBA, SGI

SGI Wavefront images: RLA, RPF

TIFF images: TIF, TIFF

Truevision images: TGA, VST, VDA, WIN

ZSoft Paintbrush images: PCX

ABViewer supports following vector images:

Metafiles: WMF

Enhanced Metafiles: EMF



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