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Loading Files

ABViewer allows to open several drawings for viewing in one session of the program. All the opened drawings are placed in the tabs, they can also be arranged in a corresponding way with the help of the commands on the tab Advanced in the section Window.

The ways of opening a file in ABViewer


Left double click on the name of the drawing in the Windows Explorer. The program will be started and then the drawing will open. If the program is already started the drawing will open in the current window. This way of opening files in ABViewer is ppossible only under condition that the corresponding associations for the files are set in the settings of the program.

Drag the drawing or a group of drawings from the WIndows Explorer into the program window using the left mouse button.

Use the command Open on the tab File or click on the icon in the quick access panel. This activates the standard Open dialog box.

Use the panel Explorer intergrated in ABViewer for searching for the files and opening them.

Make use of the Thumbnails option, where the contents of the files is shown as small miniatures. It is especially convenient if you have forgotten the name of the file but still remember its contents.

Use Favorites Panel to open files earlier added to the favorites.

To open recently loaded files use the Last files list.


To learn how switch between files in the folder quickly and easily see the topic Navigation between Files.

If you want to reload a file choose the corresponding option.


Setting Associations

Arranging the windows of the opened files

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