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In this mode ABViewer provides most of its features and viewing options such as zoom, panning, 3D rotating changing background color etc. It is impossible to select an entity and view its properties. Opening and scrolling the drawing is performed faster in this mode than in the mode Editor, as the instruments of drawing and editing are off. Viewing the list of layers, making them invisible, changing their properties are provided.

The mode Viewer is available in all the versions of ABViewer. For ABViewer Standard Viewer is the default mode. Its characteristic tools are situated in the tab Viewer of the Ribbon.

In the Viewer mode ABViewer provides the following features:


obatch conversion (see restrictions of ABViewer versions);

oprint preview;

obatch print (see restrictions of ABViewer versions);

oprinting a part of an image;

omeasuring distance, polyline length and area in the drawing;

o3D views;

ocopying the image into the clipboard as BMP and EMF;

orotation, moving and scaling the drawing;

ofinding text and points on a drawing;

oviewing layers.

To switch to the mode Viewer in the ribbon press the button in the top right corner and select Viewer from the list.

To switch to the mode Viewer in the classical ABViewer menu choose Tools > Mode > Viewer or select Viewer in the drop down list on the toolbar Mode.

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